GenZ Score

A GenZ Score is a score given to your business based on its engagement potential for Generation Z. The score is based on 50+ well researched quantitative and qualitative factors, weighted differently based on GenZ research and compiled to generate sub-scores and an overall GenZ Score.


What is a GenZ Score?

A GenZ Score is a research-based index demonstrating how likely it is that your content engages Generation Z.

How does it work?

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1. Submit your information.

Send us your website, your social media, and any online interaction your customers have with your business.


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2. Get your 3-page GenZ Score Report preview.

This 3 page report is a free resource for companies wishing to get a brief overview of their strengths and weaknesses for engaging Generation Z.

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3. Choose your next steps.

With the information given, you have two options. You can either request the full GenZ Score Report, or request our assistance with creating beautiful, engaging, and influential content.


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